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Alexander Cedeno


 Born on June 30, 1973.The  artist begins his first steps from an early age, as the surrounding environment is completely covered with paintings brushes and colours  because his father is a prominent painter of naïve art, which features a laureate and renowned national and international. José A. Cedeño. What is not surprising that the formation of the Artist Alexander Cedeño is developed between workshops, cultural centres and extended that which further fuelled his insatiable interest in painting. In 1989 he joined the National Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro, ending in 1993 with satisfactory results and with a general knowledge of the arts, such as, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, photography, art history and painting, all these matters more innate talent artist put paid to the inexhaustible creative explosion that was to develop in the plastic work of A. Cedeño.He has maintained a continuous work in his pictorial putting his art in favour of the society and the environment surrounding it than it has directly influenced and has been key to his work. The plastic tendency to follow the mentioned Artist is framed within the Expressionist movement, being treated in a very own unique, where they mix the lines in different ways and directions, with the stain release and spontaneous that ultimately build and shape and meaning to the needs stronger and Artist immediate excretion, which in its bes type work within the contemporary modern art. The human figure has been a constant in the paint of Alexander being used as a central and predominant in his work, women, and be creative and reproductive axis of the human species, the artist is inspired by and pays special attention within his work so wonderful being.

Exposición  personal del pintor Alexander Cedeño en el Hotel Panorama de gaviota, la exhibición está expuesta en el lobby, habitaciones y el salón viejo

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