Ernesto Rancano review

Ernesto Rancaño Vieites (Havana, September 21st, 1968)

1987-1991 San Alejandro School of Fine Arts, specialty in painting and drawing.
A member of the National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) since 1995.

Individual exhibitions (a selection)

1986 KARMA, Pabellón Cuba, Havana.
1994 El Jardín de Rancaño, Karl Marx Theater, Havana.
1996 La mano ciega, IMAGO art gallery, Havana.

Collective exhibitions (a selection)

1986 ESPEJOMAQUIA, Casa de la Cultura de Plaza, Havana.
1987 Children’s mural teamwork with the artists Ulises González, Pedro Socorro and José M. Pérez Fernández.
1989 Exhibition for the 170th Anniversary of the San Alejandro School, Havana.
1990 Collective Mural, Ernesto Che Guevara Pioneers’ Palace, Lenin Park, Havana.
1991 Second collective exhibition of teachers and students, Leopoldo Romañach Art Gallery, Havana.
1993 Desde el dibujo, La Acacia Art Gallery, Havana. Art Cuban Now, Chelsea Art Gallery, Jamaica. Cuban Art at the Pampas, Provincial Art Museum of the Pampas, Argentina.
1994 Foundational Week, traveling exhibition, Spain.
1995 ONE LOVE Jamaican and Cuban artists on the theme of love in honor of Bob Marley’s 50th birthday, Chelsea Art Gallery, Jamaica.
1996 Doce cuentos peregrinos, doce pintores cubanos, Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá, Colombia.

Other professional works

1986 Illustration of a Jorge Luis Borges’ poetry compilation.
1989 Setting for the fiction short film Para subir al cielo, by Colombian Andrés Manoquin.
1992 Setting for the Sol Palmeras del Meliá Hotel, in Varadero (15 drawings). Making of posters from the fifties for the setting of the Cuban soap opera De tu sueño a mi sueño.
1993 Design of the facsimile of El Habanero Elegante newspaper’s front page.


First Prize in the posters contest sponsored by the CETSS.