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"We are are delighted to welcome you to this Fine Art Web gallery BestArtCuba and appreciate this opportunity to tell you about us and what we can offer you.We hope you greatly enjoy viewing the paintings in this on-line exhibition and that you find at least some of the works appeal to your personal taste.

Please enjoy your visit and if you find  one or more pieces here appealing, we will be delighted to answer any question you may have and will respond to your email in a very timely fashion". 

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"Located in the UK and with associates in several other countries including Cuba and the USA, we specialize in making available a broad range of Cuban Fine Art, mainly from the past 50 years or so.

We work directly with artists to show and make their original work available for purchase. Many of the Cuban artists we represent are already well known, both, in and outside of  Cuba and some of the paintings have been exhibited in galleries all over the world. Some are presently held in private collections.

A number of private collectors use our services exclusively, as do most of our artists which makes this the only place you can see their works.As we have excellent connections in Cuba we are also able to arrange for custom commissions and almost any request you have for high quality Cuban Art.We know the provenance of all the art that we offer for sale and this is of course, confirmed to you previously.

Cuban painters never stop surprising art lovers across the globe and you can enjoy hundreds of Cuban artworks in this on-line exhibition.

Those more interested in Contemporary Cuban Art will doubtless enjoy viewing those parts of this exhibition that show us the incredible combination of academic skills, mixed with passion for shapes and the senses." 

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                  Osiris Cisneros


When mentioning fine arts in Cuba, more than its two centuries of existence within the less than six centuries of the discovery of the island by Spain cannot be avoided. A major Spanish colony in the Caribbean, yet with native culture of little importance compared to the rest of the new world, Cuban painting began taking its first steps in XVIII by two black artists, Nicolas de la Escalera and Vicente Escobar. The tobacco and the sugar cane industries rapidly developed by the Spaniards urgently needed slave main power. As Cuban natives were early exterminated, Africans, Chinese, even French escaping from the Haitian revolution as well as other Caribbean islanders were taken to the island for hard labor. Yet, with them also their cultural roots were introduced, results shown today not only in fine arts but in music, dance and decorative arts, not mentioning literature, theater, cinema, etc. Don Fernando Ortiz, a prominent Cuban-Spanish lawyer, writer and researcher also considered the third discoverer of the island for his studies in the ethnic and cultural mixture of the Cuban society, defined Cuba as a melting pot where many cultures melted forming a new, rich and independent one. Neither before nor after such an accurate definition has been made of the Cuban culture. From 1900 to the late 1950's art nouveau and art deco flourished in Havana as an answer to the demand of the wealthy. Colonial architecture, pictorial arts and portraits were developed and Havana became an important cultural center, hosting prominent artists of the era. Cuban paintings and Cuban artists as Juana Borrero, Garcia Menocal in XIX as well as Romanach, Mariano, Ponce, Arche, Portocarrero, Amelia Pelaez, Servando Cabrera, Antonia Eiriz and Wilfredo Lam among others immediately gained international acclaim in the XXth. Century. Cubism, legendary "Guajiros", gloomy old rooms, lush landscapes, roosters and tropical still-lives, creole beautiful young women and monochromatic portraits of maidens and saints representing the entire Cuban cultural entourage were captivated by the Cuban artists in the past two centuries. Still is by the younger generations. Their works can be seen in the most important museums of the world as well as in the two main exhibition halls of Cuban and European art of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Old Havana. Cuban artists living in the island as well as spread all over the world have continued a rich tradition of fine arts. Tomas Sanchez, Fabelo, Kacho, Eduardo Abela Torras, Ernesto Rancano, Alexander Cedeno, Yosmany Garcia, Sandor Gonzalez, Mijares, Cosme, Elsa Mora, Flora Fong, Humberto Castro, Finale, Mendive, Montoto, Zaida del Rio, Garcia Pena, Jose Bedia, Hilda Vidal, Jose Franco, Santos Serpa, Pedro Pablo Oliva, Sosabravo and many more give credit. Naive Cuban art is beautifully represented by artists as Jay Matamoros, Isabel de las Mercedes, Garcia Triana, Zuniga, Alicia Leal, Moreira and many others. Cubans are very proud of their artistic rich heritage, they wish to believe that the sweetness of sugar and all around the year shining sun combined with the many greens and blues of the island’s landscapes and its white sandy beaches paved the road to Cuban unique art forms. 
Ileana Yarza Paneque 

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